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May 6, 2008

Full Circle with the Fae

Today I find myself reflecting on my connection with the wee folk. I'm currently working on a very magical project with members from BPCAG (my clay group).  We're all creating our very own fairy figures from polymer clay; based on Wendy Froud's DVD, "Creating a Faery Figure...".  

What's amazing to me is the fact that I was drawn into the "World of Froud" decades ago by her hubby Brian Froud. He inspired my drawing as a teen; and now she is inspiring my sculpting as an adult.  To think after all this time I'm just as fascinated with fairies as I was then, and somehow this family continues to inspire me.     

I'm not sure exactly when, but I would guess my fairy fascination began (around 4 or 5 years of age) with the wonderful tales my grandma (Gaga) told to keep me entertained during long road trips.  I remember one trip in particular from Scottsdale, AZ (our home at the time) to Salt Lake City, Utah.  As we passed a forest along the highway, she told me all about fairy dwellings, attire, transportation, and law.  She told me about the flowers and leaves used to make clothing.  The birds, snails and frogs they rode upon.  The abandoned squirrel's nests they turned into homes. The rules that made it so difficult for a mortal to catch a glimpse of them.  

I asked her so many questions on that trip you'd think she would've regretted ever bringing it up, but she seemed to enjoy answering each and every one.  I believe, although unaware at the time, I may have helped her answer a few of them.

She told me of visits with fairy playmates when she was a little girl and no one else was around. Later when they introduced Barbie dolls (during my mom's generation) she said she thought the inventor must've seen or played with the same creatures she had played with in her youth because the only difference was they were missing wings and woodland attire.   

I recall repeatedly asking her if she was telling the truth.  I REALLY wanted it to be true and had plans to befriend one of these elusive creatures the first chance I had.  

Once we finally arrived in Salt Lake City the mermaid tales began. We spotted signs that read: "Caution:  Mermaid Crossing".  That was my confirmation that fairies were indeed real - I just knew if mermaids existed - fairies had to also.  Besides why would an  adult go to the trouble of putting up a sign that wasn't necessary.  

I'm so delighted to find, as an adult, that there are others in the world that want to keep the magic of the fairy realm alive.  

Fairy wishes,
Daydreamer :)