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December 30, 2008

2009 New Year's Gift

I'm anxiously looking forward to the thrill of unwrapping the New Year.  It's going to be filled with magical moments and genuine positive energy. How do I know this, if I didn't peek you ask. Because it's what I wished for this year.  As I give up 2008, like an old faithful toy that's provided me with hours of entertainment, I make room for the new one.  Forever grateful for all of the valuable lessons and the many stepping stones that lead me to this moment in time.   It's what's prepared me for my new magical journey with my heart, mind and soul focused on the magical moments that I will experience throughout the new year.

:::::: champagne-filled glasses up:::::: (I can already feel the magic tickling my nose.) Here's to your own magical journey!

Magical moments await,

December 24, 2008

Twas the Night before Christmas

   'Twas the Night before Christmas 

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.
And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tinny reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St Nick.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
With the sleigh full of Toys, and St Nicholas too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney St Nicholas came with a bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of Toys he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler, just opening his pack.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
That shook when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly!

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

~ Clement Clarke Moore

(Here's a version especially for the Floridians.)

Twas a Florida Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the town,

no noses were frozen, no snow fluttered down,
no children in flannels were tucked into bed,
they all wore shorty pajamas instead.

To find wreaths of holly, t'was not very hard,
for holly trees grew in every back yard.
In front of the houses, Dads and Moms were
adorning the bushes and coconut palms.

The sleeping kiddies were dreaming in glee,
hoping to find water skis under the tree.
They all knew that Santa was well on his way,
in a Mercedes-Benz, instead of a sleigh.

And soon he arrived and started to work,
he hadn't a second to linger or shirk.
He whizzed up the highways and zoomed up the road,
in a S-L 300, delivering his loads.

The tropical moon gave the city a glow,
and lighted the way for old Santa below.
As he jumped from the auto he gave a wee chuckle,
he was dressed in Bermudas with an Ivy league buckle,

There weren't any chimneys, but that caused no gloom,
for Santa came in through the Florida room.
He stopped at each house....stayed only a minute,
emptying his sack of stuff that was in it.

Before he departed, he treated himself
to a glass of papaya juice upon the shelf.
He turned with a jerk and bounced to the car,
remembering he still had to go very far.

He shifted the gears and stepped on the gas
and up Highway 436 he went like a flash.
And I heard him exclaim as he went on his way,
~ Anonymous

Track Santa here :D

Don't forget to leave porridge in the hayloft for the elves and cookies near the fireplace for Santa  ;)

Merry Christmas,

December 13, 2008

"12 days of Christmas" Holiday Treat Recipes

Treat List:
(click on treat for recipe)

1st Day:  Sugar Cookies
       and Icing

3rd Day:  Candy Cane Fudge

11th Day:  Eggnog Cream Puffs

12th Day:   Peppermint Bark 

(I'll be adding a new treat/recipe each day, so be sure to check back.)

May your days be filled with magic and creative fun this holiday season.

Happy holidays,

December 11, 2008

My Prayers Have Been Answered: Cialito is Coming Home Today!

My precious furbaby, Cialito, has pulled through and gets to come home from the doggie hospital today.  I can hardly wait to see her.  Although my other furbaby, Holly, would never admit it I know she'll be happy to see her too.  

I apologize for being so quiet lately, but I'm hoping to post a holiday treat by this Sunday.  Please check back then.

Thanks to everyone that sent Cialito healing thoughts and to my wonderful veterinarian.

Warm and fuzzily yours,
(as Cialito would say)

November 25, 2008

A Major French Award!

Merci beaucoup, Gail and Queen Pennythistle! This is magnifique :D  

Savior faire IS everywhere.

Tell Queen "P" that after seeing her spectacle - I mean spectacular photos, I've been inspired to create something with a French flair. I was already working on a piece from a French fairy tale, but now I'll have to create something that plays up the French decadence a bit more - although I believe she's got the market cornered on it ;)

We MUST follow these rules so Queen "P" doesn't throw a royal hissy fit!  PLEASE!

1. Add the logo/button to your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links to those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them

Now onto my search for uncommon commoners.  
::::::::::hopping in my pumpkin carriage ;) and heading to Blogsville::::::::::

Whew - I'm back!  It seems there are a lot of uncommon commoners in Blogsville.  Many of them had already been given the "Major French Award", but I did manage to find 9 culprits for the Queen's pleasure.

Uncommon Commoners I have bestowed the "Major French Award" upon:

Now I really must get packing.  I will be gone for the next 5 days and won't have access to a computer, so I'll see you all next week. Have a happy Thanksgiving to those of you that celebrate it. Gobble gobble gobble!

Much to be thankful for,

November 24, 2008

Exciting News

Lisa Gatz of "That Creative Place"  (cute name huh?!) has asked me to join her team of artists to teach classes. Her wonderful site is devoted to the inspiration, encouragement and development of artists.  She's got a positive energy about her that is absolutely contagious. You'll find an impressive variety of talented artists offering classes there.  As an artist you owe it to yourself to explore "That Creative Place".  The classes are fun (yes, I've taken a few), you'll meet and share with fellow artists from all over the planet and learn from some pretty impressive instructors.  Keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

Wish me luck!

Follow your dreams,  

November 14, 2008

Follow Me to the Twilight Realm

I'd like to invite ALL you adventurous souls to a realm I enjoy playing in when I'm not here. You'll have to relax in my daydream catcher for a spell or two.  I know, I  know - it's hard to relax when you're so excited, but try.  It's the only way to get to this particular magical realm filled with peculiar creatures. I'm still having trouble rounding them all up after having let them loose in this realm :( It WAS an accident!  So if you find any stragglers please escort them back to the Twilight Realm when you visit. I know some of them look sweet, but they're capable of things you can't even begin to imagine.  Hope to see you there ;D

Follow your nightmares too,

November 6, 2008

Hau`oli Lā Hānau, Shayna!

A special post for my sister, Shayna:

May your day be filled with magic!

Warmest wishes and love,

November 3, 2008

HaPpY HaLlOWeEN! (Belated)

Trick or treat?  You decide.

I was shaking out some of the cobwebs in my head, when I discovered these little dears and their mum.  Please allow me to introduce to you the grieving widow, Venomessa Webber and her children.  There were 13 at last count,but the little buggers won't stop devouring each other.


*WARNING:  The following is not intended for children.*

A Black Widow's Fear 

One night Mother Webber tucked her little kiddies into bed.

"Please tell us a spooky story," they’d pled.

Oh darlings, not just before bed.

How 'bout I tell you about your daddy instead?

"Oh yes - we love that story," they all said.

With the exception of Junior, who frantically nodded his head.

Well all right.  As you know; it was the night that we had wed.

Your daddy had gone out to pick up some bread. 

Being customary for a groom to keep his wife well fed.

The next morning is when your daddy was found - DEAD!

Mysteriously caught in our web without any bread the detective had said.

Now Mommy’s a widow ::sigh:: mourning forever with eyes eternally red. 

You'll all inherit the family curse just as soon as you've bred.

But your poor little brother won’t be so lucky I dread.

Sure he’ll roll in the hay, but he won’t make it past his wedding day.

Poor Junior couldn’t sleep a wink that night; horrified at what his mommy had to say.

"I refuse to be a victim of foul play!"

"I’ll never take a bride - no way!"

"Let some other sucker be a female’s prey!" 

After much thought, he concluded his only option was to turn gay.

So he stayed up all night practicing his sashay.

October 25, 2008

A Dreadfully Delightful Evening

Night before last my sister, 2 nieces and nephew picked me up for a night of tricks and treats. Some early Halloween fun.  First we visited the pumpkin patch, where we each picked out a gourd. I picked out one that looked half acorn, half toad stool (a Mini Red Turban).  Then we anxiously headed over to the Enchanted Forest for a hay ride.  We found it had been cancelled due to the rain we had earlier in the day :(  We wondered if the little witch we were with had something to do with it, since she doesn't care much for water.  The rest of us were really disappointed, but we were still in the mood for fun.  So, we decided to go back to the the church near the pumpkin patch and "trunk or treat" in the parking lot.  Not only did they have treats in their trunks, but a few tricks too.  We were thirsty afterward, so we went inside to get refreshments and watch the Halloween costume contest/s.  Thanks, gang - you really know how to show a gal a wicked good time :D

By the time they dropped me off at my home; it was dark and drizzly.  So, I emptied my mailbox to prevent soggy mail in the morning. That's when I was pleasantly surprised with an extra special treat. The book Gail Lackey had forewarned arriving - I think she's psychic ;) - was hidden in the handful of mail.  It was a nice way to cap off the night.  Thanks, Gail! :D  Her thoughtful presentation and personal touches lit my soul on fire.  I foresee reading the spooky poems to my nieces and nephew when I see them again; for Halloween.  Shhhh... don't tell.  It's a surprise.



Have a fun Halloween, everyone!

Enchantingly yours,

October 21, 2008

A Book to Die For: "Ghosties" by Gail Lackey

Find out what happens to these poor little darlings in Gail Lackey's new book.

I wanted to warn you all about a spooktacular BOO!-k, available from the ghastly Gail Lackey.   Just in time for Halloween.  It's a collection of her dreadfully wicked tales about the early demise of her Ghostie ghouls and boys. If you haven't seen her Ghosties yet - it's because they're ghosts silly!  Just kidding ;)  Gail, with some sort of spell, has found a way to capture their haunting souls in this book, so we can all see them.  Have I piqued your curiosity?  If so, I'd suggest you jump on the world wide spider web, and crawl on over to her magical world by clicking here for all the gory details.  But you'd better move like a bat out of Hell if you want to nail a coffin - oops, I mean a copy, of this book before Halloween.   Happy nightmares to you all.      

As Gail would say...
Dark Blessings,

October 18, 2008

Happy Halloween Blog Party!


Welcome to the party! Park your broom at the door and come inside.  Wow, that broom's looking a little beat... maybe you should trade her in for a new one.  Have you been to the new dealership yet?  The new models have some pretty wicked features.  

BOO! Did I scare you? Tee hee. Maybe it's time for a drink?! Go ahead, don't be shy, pick your potion... would you like frog warts or newt tails with that? Please, help yourself. We've got all kinds of goodies.

There you are... I've been looking all over for YOU!  Careful don't spill your drink!  Come with me.  I'd like to introduce you to a new aqaintance of mine.  This is her royal vine-ness, Peponia Squashblossom. She's fresh from the pumpkin patch and a bit out of her gourd tonight, but she's lots of fun and always finds a way to carve out a good time. Whatever you do, don't accept any pumpkin juice from her. It makes you do strange things.  She's been drinking it all day too.   Don't you worry - she won't be flying herself home.  See the fellow over there?  He's from the pumpkin castle and he'll see her highness home safely.  Oh, and be sure to ask her about the royal garden.  She loves tending to her gourds and talking about them... she has quite a green thumb ;)  Oh Beelzebub, how could I neglect to warn you?  Where's my head?  She is also the fastest draw in the Wicked West.  So when you turn down her pumpkin juice, make sure you stand clear of her wand.     

Thanks for stopping by :D  
(sorry I was late posting)

Spookily yours,

Waiting for the Ghoulish Guests


Ahhh... can you smell the anticipation brewing?!  It should peak just in time for the party.  I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of some ghoulish guests.  Unfortunately most of them can't make it until dusk or later. They don't care much for daylight.  In the meanietime I hope you'll go mingle with the other partygoers (see the guest list at A Fanciful Twist it's on the right sidebar there).   Then I'll see you tonight around dusk (about 7-ish Eastern time).  Wear a costume if you like.

P.S. I really don't think it wise to leave me alone with ALL these treats, but if you insist... ;)

Eternally yours,

October 4, 2008

Jumping from One Daydream to Another

YAY, I see you made it down the rainbow slide!  Thanks for following me from that daydream to this one.  I hope you landed softly on my cloud.  Did you bring your imaginary friend/s to play? 

Follow your dreams,

September 25, 2008

We'll Have a Wicked Good Time

Won't you join me for a cackling good time? We're all visiting Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist on the 18th for a Halloween blog party - where ANYTHING goes!!!

Plunder through the old trunk in the attic, drag out your Halloween trimmings, hang bats from the chandeliers, pull out your favorite potions, cast your favorite spells, dust off your broom, whip out your spooky tunes, cackle in the corner... do whatever you choose, but don't miss this party. You'll be doomed to a life of dullness if you do :( Besides, you'll miss out on a special treat too.


May 6, 2008

Full Circle with the Fae

Today I find myself reflecting on my connection with the wee folk. I'm currently working on a very magical project with members from BPCAG (my clay group).  We're all creating our very own fairy figures from polymer clay; based on Wendy Froud's DVD, "Creating a Faery Figure...".  

What's amazing to me is the fact that I was drawn into the "World of Froud" decades ago by her hubby Brian Froud. He inspired my drawing as a teen; and now she is inspiring my sculpting as an adult.  To think after all this time I'm just as fascinated with fairies as I was then, and somehow this family continues to inspire me.     

I'm not sure exactly when, but I would guess my fairy fascination began (around 4 or 5 years of age) with the wonderful tales my grandma (Gaga) told to keep me entertained during long road trips.  I remember one trip in particular from Scottsdale, AZ (our home at the time) to Salt Lake City, Utah.  As we passed a forest along the highway, she told me all about fairy dwellings, attire, transportation, and law.  She told me about the flowers and leaves used to make clothing.  The birds, snails and frogs they rode upon.  The abandoned squirrel's nests they turned into homes. The rules that made it so difficult for a mortal to catch a glimpse of them.  

I asked her so many questions on that trip you'd think she would've regretted ever bringing it up, but she seemed to enjoy answering each and every one.  I believe, although unaware at the time, I may have helped her answer a few of them.

She told me of visits with fairy playmates when she was a little girl and no one else was around. Later when they introduced Barbie dolls (during my mom's generation) she said she thought the inventor must've seen or played with the same creatures she had played with in her youth because the only difference was they were missing wings and woodland attire.   

I recall repeatedly asking her if she was telling the truth.  I REALLY wanted it to be true and had plans to befriend one of these elusive creatures the first chance I had.  

Once we finally arrived in Salt Lake City the mermaid tales began. We spotted signs that read: "Caution:  Mermaid Crossing".  That was my confirmation that fairies were indeed real - I just knew if mermaids existed - fairies had to also.  Besides why would an  adult go to the trouble of putting up a sign that wasn't necessary.  

I'm so delighted to find, as an adult, that there are others in the world that want to keep the magic of the fairy realm alive.  

Fairy wishes,
Daydreamer :)

April 15, 2008

April's Surprise

My entertaining clay group buddies at BPCAG (Beginners Polymer Clay Group) presented me with the "Artist of the Month" award this month. It was a sweet surprise to say the least.

It's so nice to belong to a group of dear friends. I've never met any of them in person, but I hope to some day. They're definitely a talented bunch, as well as, friendly, helpful and absolutely positively FUN to hang around with in cyberspace. I've never "ROFLMBO" more than I have around them.

Forever grateful I found them,
Daydreamer :)

April 10, 2008

You'll Find Me by the Well with My Little Friend

I've been terrible about posting lately, but like most things in life; I believe my blogging is cyclical.  My art is much the same... as Julie Cameron says in her book/s..."you must take the time to fill the well".  During those periods of time that I appear to be MIA, I'm more than likely filling the well.  I find trips to the realm of Imagination quite refreshing ;) and seem to have much luck filling the well there.   

While filling the well recently, I discovered this unusual creature (photo above). Maybe someone will recognize the heart-shaped, two eyed being and tell me something about it.

Daydreamer :)

March 18, 2008

Pink Flamingos at Clay Fandango

I spent ALL day Friday in Leesburg, FL at the Clay Fandango retreat. Upon arrival they gave me a bag full of clay and other goodies :D  I looked around the room and everyone had wet wipes, pasta machines, and clay; lots of clay.  So much in fact they had to carry it in on baggage cart wheelies. Some had some very clever contraptions to carry all of their supplies - these ladies meant business!

I met so many wonderful clayers.  I really believe clayers are a special breed (MOST, anyway). One of those people was the founder of PolymerCafe Magazine, Joan Clipp who graciously offered to share her clay, tools and supplies with me - sweet huh?!  We sat there laughing and claying most of the day.  Others told me of their adventures at Synergy the NPCG's conference as well as other events. Some of the clayers were sharing techniques and doing demos at our table.

Later that evening, Maureen Carlson was demonstrating her mask molds and all of the whimsical faces that can be created with them. Maria Shriver was demonstrating how she drills holes in the beautiful caned beads she makes. Christi Friesen was demonstrating her dragon making techniques, who by the way, is an absolute joy to be around (when she's not bumping into you or cutting you off - JK - I've forgiven her). She has a wonderful playful attitude that makes learning fun. They had a make/take booth set up for metal clay, which is pretty neat stuff, but I don't trust myself with the blowtorch.  I think the embossing gun and wood burning iron are about as risky as I should get with heat - LOL.

Ilysa Bierer from PCP was there video taping the event and interviewing artsists.  She has a wonderful site for clay artists that can only get better with her big plans. She's also the founder of the Etsy clay group PCAGOE. As if that weren't enough, she also has a website to teach/learn all sorts of crafts live via the webcam.

While I waited for my clay piece to bake in the oven, I watched the brown bag swap and the flamingo fashion show. You should've seen the wonderful prizes given out... there were fairy sculptures, clay jewelry, those adorable beaded puff heart necklaces, and many other spectacular works of art in the brown bag swap.  As for the flamingo fashion show there were some very clever costumes and some hilarious dance moves (see photo above).

Needless to say, I hope I can make it to next years event for some more FUN!!!

February 14, 2008

Playing with the Queen of Hearts on Valentine's Day

I started another piece over the weekend... as if I don't have enough projects to finish (poor Alice is still waiting). The ideas just come in faster than the time to work on them.  If I don't pounce when the idea comes in; I lose the desire to play with it. My hubby calls it "the blessing that's a curse".  Anyway, I ended up working on the queen's figure today (between appointments) and thought how appropriate to be playing with the Queen of Hearts on Valentine's; of all days. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm coming down with something (my throat is soar).  So I'm not sure when I can get back to her, but watch for her royal coronation sometime soon - you're ALL invited!

Here's a sneak peek at the start of my "Queen of Hearts - Before She Met Alice" piece. This is the base she'll be displayed on; along with some other surprises :D.    

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lots of love,
Daydreamer :)

February 5, 2008

My First Creation with Studio Clay

Woo hoo!!!  Okay, I confess, it doesn't take much to get me excited :D  After impatiently waiting for months, I finally got my hands on some Studio by Sculpey clay and a couple of their new tools. I tried it out by adding some decorative elements to my hubby's wine journal.  I LOVE the 5-in-1 tool! The interchangeable tool heads that fit into the handle are magnetic, and they replace some of the make-shift tools I've BEEN using.  I can see this inspiring a wider selection of tools in the clay world (it's about time).  The clay is perforated into cubes about the size of bubble gum pieces, so it's easy to tear a small amount from the block.  It's soft, comes in some nice colors, bakes at 275 degrees (F) for 30 minutes, and it takes paint nicely.  I don't like the fact that it retains fingerprint impressions so easily, but you CAN smooth them away when you are finished working on the piece.  The final test will be to see how durable it actually is over time - more waiting - GEEZ!

Daydreamer :)

January 22, 2008

Serendipity: The Seraph Surrender Serpent :P


 first got a peek at Serendipity (one of my muses) while in a daydream one day a couple of years back.  His image was a bit fuzzy at the time, but he later showed up on a piece of paper.  Now; finally, he's slowly but surely revealing his 3-D form to me in my studio.  His-s (oops - Freudian slip) wings are flying around up there as I type.  I can't wait to introduce you to him, but in the "nice" (not mean) time let me tell you a little about him.

  1. He doesn't take life seriously.
  2. He makes the most of mistakes and finds them perfectly acceptable.
  3. He thinks everything works out for the best.
  4. He encourages creative experimentation and exploration.
  5. He helps time fly when you're creating (or having fun).
  6. He has a fraternal twin brother named Simon (more about him at another time).
  7. He adores his sidekick, Fortunato (the Italian white mouse riding in the gondola on his tail) - I know what you're thinking, but don't you worry - he would NEVER eat Fortunato (Lucky) because he knows if it weren't for him, luck wouldn't follow him wherever he goes.
As soon as he's finished revealing himself to me - get your mind out of the gutter :( - I'll post a photo.

Daydreamer :)

January 15, 2008

Desert Daydream (continued)


.. as promised here is another photo of Darius.

January 8, 2008

Desert Daydream

Here's a fun little guy that escaped from my imagination while taking an online papier mache class with Marlaine Verhelst.  His name is Darius (approx. 17" x 20").  I had made him a furled magic carpet to lay across his golden sand base (it'll be on wheels), but I didn't like it, so I need to decide whether I want to make another one, or forget the idea all together.  I'll post more pix soon.

Take care,
Daydreamer :) 

January 1, 2008

Fresh Start for a New Year

The slate's been wiped clean as we start a new year.  We know it's just a man-made measurement of time, but there's something inspiring about fresh starts.  It's like staring at a blank sheet of paper, canvas, or lump of clay... inviting, yet intimidating... the excitement of possibilities and the fear of failure coexist in our minds.  How is it two completely opposite thoughts can dwell in the same space?  Maybe it's what keeps us balanced and we mustn't allow that fear to block us from creating... and we must remember it's never too late for a fresh start.

Here's to finding balance in our creative endeavors - CHEERS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! :D  

Daydreamer :)