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October 25, 2008

A Dreadfully Delightful Evening

Night before last my sister, 2 nieces and nephew picked me up for a night of tricks and treats. Some early Halloween fun.  First we visited the pumpkin patch, where we each picked out a gourd. I picked out one that looked half acorn, half toad stool (a Mini Red Turban).  Then we anxiously headed over to the Enchanted Forest for a hay ride.  We found it had been cancelled due to the rain we had earlier in the day :(  We wondered if the little witch we were with had something to do with it, since she doesn't care much for water.  The rest of us were really disappointed, but we were still in the mood for fun.  So, we decided to go back to the the church near the pumpkin patch and "trunk or treat" in the parking lot.  Not only did they have treats in their trunks, but a few tricks too.  We were thirsty afterward, so we went inside to get refreshments and watch the Halloween costume contest/s.  Thanks, gang - you really know how to show a gal a wicked good time :D

By the time they dropped me off at my home; it was dark and drizzly.  So, I emptied my mailbox to prevent soggy mail in the morning. That's when I was pleasantly surprised with an extra special treat. The book Gail Lackey had forewarned arriving - I think she's psychic ;) - was hidden in the handful of mail.  It was a nice way to cap off the night.  Thanks, Gail! :D  Her thoughtful presentation and personal touches lit my soul on fire.  I foresee reading the spooky poems to my nieces and nephew when I see them again; for Halloween.  Shhhh... don't tell.  It's a surprise.



Have a fun Halloween, everyone!

Enchantingly yours,

October 21, 2008

A Book to Die For: "Ghosties" by Gail Lackey

Find out what happens to these poor little darlings in Gail Lackey's new book.

I wanted to warn you all about a spooktacular BOO!-k, available from the ghastly Gail Lackey.   Just in time for Halloween.  It's a collection of her dreadfully wicked tales about the early demise of her Ghostie ghouls and boys. If you haven't seen her Ghosties yet - it's because they're ghosts silly!  Just kidding ;)  Gail, with some sort of spell, has found a way to capture their haunting souls in this book, so we can all see them.  Have I piqued your curiosity?  If so, I'd suggest you jump on the world wide spider web, and crawl on over to her magical world by clicking here for all the gory details.  But you'd better move like a bat out of Hell if you want to nail a coffin - oops, I mean a copy, of this book before Halloween.   Happy nightmares to you all.      

As Gail would say...
Dark Blessings,

October 18, 2008

Happy Halloween Blog Party!


Welcome to the party! Park your broom at the door and come inside.  Wow, that broom's looking a little beat... maybe you should trade her in for a new one.  Have you been to the new dealership yet?  The new models have some pretty wicked features.  

BOO! Did I scare you? Tee hee. Maybe it's time for a drink?! Go ahead, don't be shy, pick your potion... would you like frog warts or newt tails with that? Please, help yourself. We've got all kinds of goodies.

There you are... I've been looking all over for YOU!  Careful don't spill your drink!  Come with me.  I'd like to introduce you to a new aqaintance of mine.  This is her royal vine-ness, Peponia Squashblossom. She's fresh from the pumpkin patch and a bit out of her gourd tonight, but she's lots of fun and always finds a way to carve out a good time. Whatever you do, don't accept any pumpkin juice from her. It makes you do strange things.  She's been drinking it all day too.   Don't you worry - she won't be flying herself home.  See the fellow over there?  He's from the pumpkin castle and he'll see her highness home safely.  Oh, and be sure to ask her about the royal garden.  She loves tending to her gourds and talking about them... she has quite a green thumb ;)  Oh Beelzebub, how could I neglect to warn you?  Where's my head?  She is also the fastest draw in the Wicked West.  So when you turn down her pumpkin juice, make sure you stand clear of her wand.     

Thanks for stopping by :D  
(sorry I was late posting)

Spookily yours,

Waiting for the Ghoulish Guests


Ahhh... can you smell the anticipation brewing?!  It should peak just in time for the party.  I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of some ghoulish guests.  Unfortunately most of them can't make it until dusk or later. They don't care much for daylight.  In the meanietime I hope you'll go mingle with the other partygoers (see the guest list at A Fanciful Twist it's on the right sidebar there).   Then I'll see you tonight around dusk (about 7-ish Eastern time).  Wear a costume if you like.

P.S. I really don't think it wise to leave me alone with ALL these treats, but if you insist... ;)

Eternally yours,

October 4, 2008

Jumping from One Daydream to Another

YAY, I see you made it down the rainbow slide!  Thanks for following me from that daydream to this one.  I hope you landed softly on my cloud.  Did you bring your imaginary friend/s to play? 

Follow your dreams,