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April 8, 2009

Adventures in a Land of Wonder: Finding the Fountain of Youth

Window of the Fae

My hubby and I love exploring our area on the weekends.  

This past weekend I told hubby I was in the mood for an adventure, so without a word he jumped on the web to find a place we hadn't been before.  All he said was wear shorts and comfortable shoes.  I grabbed my camera and off we went.   

Apparently the sneaky little fae of Sanford had other plans for us, because we ended up stumbling upon Lake Monroe Conservation Area instead of our intended destination.  It was great!  We saw holes to who knows where, creeks, fairy braided tree roots, winged critters, wicked tree creatures - I even got to see where the faery council hold their meetings every new moon (see if you can spot it in the slide show below).
Later that day we visited Green Spring.  If you follow the link, you'll see why they named it so.  I ran out of room on my memory card, so I couldn't take anymore pix, but I will next time we go.  We have to go back... Hubby wants to get a picture of me "monkey footing" it, as he calls it, across this fallen palm tree resting over a creek.  It was just begging to be walked across, so naturally I obliged.  

I was thinking about our adventure and how we were like kids exploring the wilderness.  I realized we had in fact found the Fountain of Youth that Ponce De Leon had been searching for when he discovered our state. It's not in a spring per se.  It's in a flower, a bug, a tree, a cloud - it's in your soul!

Youthfully yours,


Stepping off the edge said...

OMG! Those photos are fantastic! and you really did trip acrossed the fae didn't you! I mean, people always say that they have - but you actually did! You should paper and stitch some of those prints g'friend! they are amazing- Infact - once I make up my mind - i'll be placing an order - so get at it!! (going back to stare at the slide show and pretend that I am not in the chilly north! Soul warming indeed!)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful! How lucky are you to find this wonderful place? I can't wait to see the rest when you go back.

Daydreamer :) said...

Thanks gals!

We're going back this weekend to hike a much longer trail and my son was so excited about my photos, that he wants to tag along with his camera. I even set up a blog for his adventures lastnight.

Funny you should mention that, Trace. I guess the Lord does work in mysterious ways. I'll email you about the details.

H :)

kayellen said...

Beautiful walking adventure!!

Happy Easter Heather.

Have a blessed weekend,


vintagepaletteart said...

Happy Easter to you too! What a gorgeous slide show too! So glad I stopped by! =o)

Valarie said...

AbSOULutely spectacular Heather! Thank you for taking this adventure for all of us! Not only are the photos really terrific, but your retelling of your experience is so heartfelt! Thanks love!